Tuesday, April 16, 2013

NEW Re-Designed Website

Check out our NEW redesigned website at www.initialsshop.com ! We have updated our products and have some great new personalized gifts and jewelry. We are in the process of adding new items sol check back often. Also, we will be having a RE-GRAND OPENING with coupon codes so check back.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Why Personalized Gifts are a Great Gift Giving Choice

There are some kinds of gifts which seem to never go out of style. They are as popular today as they have been for years. If you think about why personalized gifts are in this category, you will know why they are a great gift giving choice!

One reason why personalized gifts are a popular gift choice is because they are very practical. You can find several items that are in need and used daily such as a tote, towel, bath wrap, and more. Other items are used occasionally such as jewelry, umbrellas, beach towels, cutting board, etc. But no matter the degree of use, once personalized with a name or initials it transforms into a unique special item!

Another reason personalized gifts are a great gift giving choice is because they look expensive and the recipient things you went out of your way to find a gift that is custom made for them. However, with the increase of online stores, one can find personalized gifts for everyone on their list with just a few clicks of a mouse! No more heading to the mall or local embroidery shop, putting in your order, waiting a few days or weeks, head back to pick up the item, and then make another trip to the post office to ship the item. At
The Initials Shop, you can have items shipped directly to your recipient for no additional cost!

An addition, personalized gifts are a great gift giving choice is because they are treasured items! People love to see items personalized making them feel special and that item uniquely made just for them. Ordinary items turn into one of a kind item that no one else owns. People take a little extra care of items that have their name or initials on!

When you add all of these points together, you will see that personalized gifts are a great gift choice! Visit us online at
The Initials Shop next time you are in the need for the perfect gift.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Popular Perfect Couple's Gift

Engagement parties, weddings, anniversary parties…what type of gifts are you giving the “happy couple”? 

With so many special occasions coming up in the next few months a good question to ask is “what type of gift should I give the “Happy Couple”. Often a couple will receive the same ordinary gift again and again: a nice bottle of wine, maybe a gift card to their favorite restaurant, or candles. It is very difficult to get a unique or special gift that they will BOTH like. Often people resort to getting a couple's gift that they know at least one of them will like. The best intentions are there, however lack of ideas and money prevent the gift giver to be able to get the perfect couple's gift. 

One solution is to buy a Personalized Gift for the Couple. You may ask, what could I possible get that BOTH people will like? How about Personalized Pillow Cases? Or Better yet, personalized coolers for when they go camping or to an outdoor event. The perfect choice would be personalized wine glasses or beer mugs with their last name initial engraved. 

There really is no limit to the ideas for a couple’s gift once you decide that by personalizing your gift with either their name, monogram, or initial…it will be perfect! You can purchase these gifts and more at The Initials Shop, providing personalized gifts, initials gifts, and monogram gifts for engagement gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, and couple's gifts!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Don’t Know What to Give Someone For Their Birthday? Why Not a Personalized Print

I am often asked for gift ideas since I own a  Gift Shop and have seen what people like to buy for others and what gifts are hot. Many people who ask me say that the recipient has everything or they don’t know this person that well so don’t have a clue what to get them but want to get them something special that they will appreciate. It’s easier to pick out a gift when you know the person very well and know what their interests and hobbies are and you can give a gift along those lines. But what if you need a gift for someone you don’t know well enough or they don’t have any hobbies or favorite things? This becomes an even harder chore for the gift giver who is stressing about what to give that person.

My answer to these questions is to give a
Personalized Print with their name on it! This is a fantastic gift because you know they will love to see their name on a design and feel special. Personalized Prints are just a cool gift and it looks like you really put some thought and care in choosing the perfect gift. There are many creative designs to choose from. An awesome design is the name spelled out with an airplane over the ocean, or flamingos bending to spell out the name. My favorite is the name carved in the sand. For the person that likes nature there is a print with their name spelled out in blossom petals in the wind. For the snowboarder, there is the name spelled out in the clouds.

Now in case you do know the person well and know that they Love Las Vegas, there is a personalized print with their name on the Las Vegas sign. Do you have a friend who always wanted to see their name in lights? If so then get them the Personalized Marque Theater Lights sign and they will absolutely love it!

Personalized Prints are a great Birthday Present for anyone since there are so many designs to choose from. It will look like you put a lot of thought and care in picking out the perfect gift to personalize it for them. Next time your friend’s birthday rolls around and you are stressing about what to get them, you really can’t go wrong if you choose a personalized print from The Initials Shop.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Five Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is just around the corner.  Every June, I have the same problem trying to come up with the perfect Father’s Day gift for my dad.  It seems in years past I might not have given him the greatest gifts due to my lack of creativity of good gift ideas.   Traditional father’s day gifts have been ties, golf balls, mug with sayings, or shirts.  My dad always appreciated anything he received and never fussed about whether he could use the gift or not.  My lack of good father’s day gifts thankfully never impacted my birthday gift given by him!

Recently I discovered that Personalized Gifts are Great Gifts that are always appreciated.  With the rise of personalized items on the market, gone are the days of ordinary gifts for dad.  One might wonder what type of personalized gifts would be ideal for their dad as I have done in years past.  Below I made a list of five great personalized gifts that every dad would love to receive.   Personalization of gifts is done between 24-48 turn around at The Initials Shop so don’t wait till the last minute to get your gift for dad. 
5 father’s day gift ideas with links to purchase them if you are in a hurry by clicking on the picture:
1. Personalized Beer Mug- Dad will love his own personalized beer mug with either his name or a saying.  There are several different sizes and choices so pick out one that fits your dad’s style.

2. Father’s Day Frame- This is classy yet contemporary black and white frame let’s Dad know just how much you care.  You can put a special picture of you two together and have it personalized with your name and a saying.

3.  Personalized Poker Set- If dad is a poker aficionado, then he’ll treasure this personalized poker set.  Select from several different designs to meet his style.  Can personalize it with his first name, last name, and date.
4. Personalized iPad Case- a personalized ipad case is attractive, sturdy, and unique.   Engraved with his name and a saying makes it extra special.
5. Personalized Take Anywhere Chair- a must-have for any sporting event or anywhere you need a comfortable place to sit.  Folds up for easy carrying, plenty of pockets, personalized with name so everyone knows it’s his.
This year, make your dad’s Father’s Day extra special with a Personalized Gift!  There is no better way to say your special then to get him something different that you have taken the time to personalize just for him!  But if you still aren’t convinced that personalized gifts are the best choice, then a tie is always an option if your dad is like mine, just the thought is what counts!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Check out the Top Ten Hottest Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts are the best gifts to give because it shows that you took time picking out a gift for the recipient. There has been an enormous rise in the popularity of personalized gifts. The gift industry has noted and there has been an explosion of new unique personalized gifts. Below is a list of the ten hottest personalized gifts ranked from The Initials Shop:

1. Personalized Leather Key chain

 Check out The Initials Shop for many more popular personalized gift and great gift ideas! They have a great selection of personalized gifts, monogram gifts, and gifts with initials!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday Gift Ideas for a Guy you Just Met!

Has this ever happened to you, you meet a guy go out on a few dates, and find out that his birthday is in a few day? At this point you do not know your relationship status. Do you get him a gift to be nice to celebrate his special day or would that seem like your jumping the gun a little bit? If you don’t get him a gift will that make you seem uncaring or worse not interested? 
Here is my advice if you ever find yourself in this situation:
  • DON’T get him an extravagant gift that costs a lot of money. If you set the bar this high in the beginning you will be stressed ever year if this relationship works out and you have to try and out do yourself again and again.  
  • DON’T buy a gift that he can read into and think you’re a stalker like his and her engraved rings
  • DON’T buy him a gift that says anything about LOVE like a Stuffed Animal holding a big “I love you” Heart. That is a sure fire way to scare him off unless your relationship is at that point
  • DON’T buy him a gift that’s too impersonal that shows you didn’t put any thought into it
  • DON’T make him a CD with your favorite Love Songs- again unless your relationship is at that level that will scare him off fast
  • DO buy him something to show that you care and want to celebrate his special day
  • DO put some thought into the gift to try and make a good impression
 I have found that a personalized gift is a nice touch for anyone finding themselves in this situation. What man would not like a Personalized Beer Mug or Shot Glass? A personalized gift shows that you put some thought and effort into the gift. Another gift idea for him would be a personalized cooler. Just a plain cooler would look like you ran to the nearest convenient store on your way out to meet him, but a personalized cooler shows that you actually took some time finding the perfect gift. My favorite gift for a guy is a personalized key chain. A nice Leather key chain with his initial on it is such a classy looking gift.  
You can find all these items and more at The Initials Shop. They have personalized beer mug, shot glasses with initials engraved, personalized cooler bags, personalized leather key chains and more. If you still need more gift ideas, go to Gifts for Him category and look around. Guarantee you will find a great personalized gift!